Water Shortage Hits 1,000 Residents


…In Bong County

By Emmanuel Mafelah, Correspondent

Citizens and residents of Kpoyalah Town in Suakoko District, Bong County, are said to be finding it difficult to get safe drinking water.

Kpoyalah is an historic town within district #5 with a population of 1,000 inhabitants.

Some of the citizens told our correspondents that they are finding it very difficult to get safe drinking water especially during this dry season.

The citizens most of whom are women usually walk for about an hour in bushes to fetch drinking water, something they said, is causing serious health hazard for them.

The Kpoyalah citizens in tears said, the lack of safe drinking water is just one of the many challenges they face.

According to them, the town is also faced with poor educational opportunities and health facilities.

They said the lack of school in the area has resulted into many school-going children becoming farmers as well as fathers with many children.

“This situation is posing serious health risks to our community; we need to be given urgent attention if we as citizens are to live happily and healthier,” Jefferson Kerkulah, a resident, stressed.

Jefferson, in a very sad mood, alleged that the inability of their lawmaker and national government to provide basic facilities is a clear manifestation that they have been marginalized from enjoying their country’s natural resources.

He said their lives are at risk, thereby causing their children to grow uneducated.

The citizens also believe that their rights to have access to equal opportunity have been violated over several years by leaders they elect to public offices.

The Kpoyalah citizens appealed to President George Manneh Weah to intervene so as to relief them of the problems they currently experience.

“President Weah is our President; we voted for him under the rain and sun; therefore, we must feel the impact of this government in our area,” the citizens added.

The citizens are at the same time calling on their District Representative Edward W. Karfiah and philanthropist organizations to provide for them safe drinking water and other basic necessities.

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